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Kubernetes experience is had to come by. Future proof your business today by partnering with our subject matter experts. We have some of the best engeering minds who have worked with many fortune 500 companies containerizing their environment, helped kubernetes adoption and provided knowledge transfer. We are on the forefront of inovations with a technology that is still in its infancy.

Linux skills come at a premium in this 30 year old technology. Knowing how to use open source technology can help reduce your costs, inhance your digital reach and expand into new horizons. Partner with us today to learn how to leverage new features to a legacy technology.

  • Build to scale
  • Enhance and automate security
  • Learn one common set of tools, no matter the distrubution
  • Simplify adoption
  • Accurately predict
  • Learn how and why we partner with leading Open Source platforms to enhance yo
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Consulting Packages

A variety of evaluations are available. Choose a package below and contact us to begin your modernization journey. We're happy to build a custom package just for you! All money spent on the evaluation will be credited to the end solution cost!

Web and Mobile App Development

$ 18,000
  • For any Web and Mobile App Development-$-18,000-15 HOURS-Get Started, we will guide you.
  • 15 HOURS
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security Evaluation

$ 18,000
  • For any Linux and Kubernetes environments, we will guide you with our platforms and increase your network visibility.
  • 15 HOURS
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Kubernetes Evaluation

$ 15,000
  • We will lay the groundwork, or review the progess you've made on your containerization journey.
  • 15 HOURS
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Linux Evaluation

$ 5,000
  • We will begin the process to modernize and simplify your Linux estate.
  • 10 HOURS
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